In a century hence, as the polar ice caps melt, and great civilizations falter, local clans clash as they vie for what precious little dry land remains above the flooded MELTSCAPE!  Now, with the oceans rising, the world’s peoples must adjust to survive. Hundreds of coastal towns and cities lay submerged, and many more hundreds continue to disappear as landscapes sink into ever-changing MELTSCAPES.

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Before the Great Flood, Gravity Wave Corporation had been developing the Gravity Flux Concentrator-Projector, (or GFCP), a device invented by Amanda Cannon and her research team, which could concentrate, synchronize and project the Earth’s gravitational flux.  Amanda was working on a GFCP Induction Engine that would harness the Earth’s

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gravitational flux to one day power cars, trucks and trains.  However, with misguided trust, Gravity Wave Corporation ceded control of the GFCP to their government, which abruptly channeled all development into weapons, and the hopes and dreams of Amanda and her team, to provide a clean transportation solution to the world, were suspended.  Several Gravity Wave Corporation facilities around the globe then competed to develop the most useful GFCP weapons.  The most innovative so far, is the Symbiotic Natural to Artificial Intelligence Relationship GFCP weapon, or SNAIRG.  With the hope that she could redirect her lab towards development of the GFCP Induction Engine, Amanda Cannon remained with the project.  However, the polar melting accelerated  and the oceans swelled, leaving no time for the GFCP Induction Engine.  Much of normal life- work, home and play- came to a halt.  Once vibrant cities and towns became MELTSCAPES of sunken homes and office buildings.  Now, Amanda’s city is one of many inhabited by clans vying to claim the remaining resources and to control the local people.  Adding to her city’s fears are two fully functional SNAIRG weapons, otherwise known as “Rattlers”, for their rattlesnake-like sound.  These Rattlers are stored at the Gravity Wave Tower and could be stolen and put to use at any time, but only by an individual with superior mental control and fortitude.  The controller must first don a protective Flux-suit and then allow the Rattler to wrap around their skull.  Through a Symbiotic Natural to Artificial Intelligence Relationship, the controller and Rattler mind meld and together, synchronize, concentrate and project the Earth’s magnetic flux to move or shatter targets.  Attempting to use a Rattler would be fatal to the average person, and each Rattler must be conditioned to accept only one person.

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Amanda and a member of her research team, Rebecca Snow, who has hidden her jealousy of Amanda for years, have both successfully mind melded in lab tests with their own Rattlers.  They have also each developed a personal relationship with their Rattlers and communicate with them by name.  Unfortunately, Rebecca Snow is now Chieftain of a militant clan, Black Blizzard, and she is bent on stealing her Rattler from the Gravity Wave Tower, which is flooded out at the center of town.  She will then use it to seize control of the city and its people.

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Amanda Cannon needs your help to protect the town’s people from Rebecca Snow and her clan.  All of the town’s hopes are in Amanda.  She herself is now Chieftain of the clan Knights Pelagica, who have been assembled to obtain her Rattler, repel Rebecca’s clan and gain control of the sinking city.  With your strengths in strategic planning, you can help Amanda’s clan by choosing the best route to construct floating bridges with floating bridge hexes.  Using these bridges, Amanda’s clan must first reach the Gravity Wave Tower to mind-meld with her Rattler, and then proceed to the opponent’s land.  With her Rattler, your Chieftain will conquer the opposing clan and seize their land.

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Fortunately, along with Chieftain, Knights Pelagica

has some talented folks:

Knights Pelagica.014

#1: A geologist and accomplished photographer of the Earth’s natural wonders, Marcus Cannon had been married to Amanda for three years prior to the flood.  His love and dedication to her know no bounds.  Before they met, he was the only survivor of an encounter with the Rycaitions, indigenous subterranean Martians, when Earth tried to colonize Mars.  He is her clan captain, and in battle, he stands between Amanda and their adversaries while she uses her Rattler to protect him.


Techie: Always enthusiastic and full of energy, Chip was in his third year of college when things changed.  Studying robotics and artificial intelligence, he is a natural working on engines, motors and electronics.  Chip and a fellow technical classmate keep the Bots’ and Cycles’ systems running smoothly.  Although they are machines, the Bots and Cycles are considered to be their friends.  Chip’s greatest passion, however, is surfing a break that constantly changes along with the ever evolving MELTSCAPE.  In battle, the Techies can bust out floating bridge hexes positioned within a bridge.


Cycle: Techie’s motorcycle.  While exploring a building in their flooded city, Chip scavenged two RFC18 aviation guidance systems equipped with gyroscopes, GPS, video cameras, artificial intelligence and female voice modulation.  Techie installed one of these systems in his motorcycle and the other in his classmate’s.  To their pleasure, the Cycles became aware.  The Cycles can now drive around independently, are accomplished jumpers and can glide with ease through the air.  The Cycles’ primary contributions are reconnaissance, and of course, transportation for the Techies.  In battle, they can strike unexpectedly by jumping over the water and buildings.


Bot: The Bots are two AP-10 class general service robots, programed with male-like emotions and which are considered to be “one of the guys”.  These Bots, AP-13 and AP-16, came equipped with horticultural programing, and with some help from the villagers, tend to the community fruit and vegetable gardens.  Chip has also added programming for tasks like maintaining the clan’s solar energy systems.  In battle, they can steamroll through opponents, taking out several at a time.


Punk: An ex-gang member, Clyde was working as a bouncer/bartender at O’Lucky’s, a local Irish pub, when the flood washed over their city.  The pub is still dry, but the owners have vanished.  Punk has taken over the pub and is keeping it open for now.  Although ales, wines and spirits are hard to come by, all trade has not stopped, and Clyde manages to maintain a small stock.  Amanda has recruited him and a fellow bartender to impede their opponent’s advances.  In battle, they can form an impenetrable blockade to the opposing clansmen.


Diver: A bit like a daddy to Techie, Cor is a retired naval diver and owner of a commercial diving company.  He often uses his and his employees’ skills to further the clan’s goals.  Cor assists #1 in keeping the clan and in line with Amanda’s directions.  Strong, robust and authoritative, he provides salvaged items and speared fish to the town’s people and his clan.  In battle, he can dive in the water and block the placement of the opponent’s bridge hexes.


Now you must help your clan to build floating bridges, through your flooded city, to the Gravity Wave Tower, and then onto the opposing clan’s land.  Your Chieftain can then mind-meld with her Rattler at the Gravity Wave Tower and seize the opposing clan’s land, before they can seize yours.

Good Luck my friend!



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