Hay Guys, Punk here.
Look below for the MELTSCAPE Tally.  What’s a MELTSCAPE Tally?
It’s just an easy fun way to rate Yawl’s mastery of the Abstract Head2Head board game MELTSCAPE.  You must draw on your powers of cunning, strategy and patience in your efforts to defeat your opponent.  Should you decide to log your play results in the MELTSCAPE Tally: the more you play, and the more you win, the higher your Tally.  The more different people you play, the higher your Tally.  After each game, both players login on a single device.  Then, each player selects the winner of this game by clicking the winner’s Login Name.  Both of you must choose the same Login Name for it to count, (like, Y’all have to agree).  And then we do the rest! Cool, huh?
Register by filling in yawl’s stuff below: Name, Login Name, and e-mail address.  We will then e-mail you a “Thanks” and a temporary password that you can change whenever you like.
Demo Video
I’ll wait till Y’all finish playing this game.
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OK now, yawl can sign in and click the Login Name of the winner.

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Your Tallies will instantly be refigured showing your current Head2Head Tallies, thats the record between the both of you, and your Global Tallies, thats your World-Wide record.  Go ahead, give it a go!  After that, click RESET to see the top three Global Tallies!


MELTSCAPE Tally Terms of Use:

The MELTSCAPE Tally is just for fun, and is used to track players’ MELTSCAPE gaming mastery. The more you win, the higher your Tally. The more different people you play, the higher your Tally. If you choose to join in, you will be able to see how you are doing compared to your friends, opponents and others. The MELTSCAPE Tally is not scientific, and does not entitle anyone to anything other than bragging rights, at least for now.  However, MELTSCAPE Tallies, on future dates, may be used to pair-up players in MELTSCAPE tournaments. We also reserve the right to delete anyones Tally or to change the algorithms of the Tally if deemed necessary. So, if you use the MELTSCAPE Tally engine, you are agreeing not to take any legal action, regarding our MELTSCAPE Tally, against us and/or all involved in this just for fun Tally. For players 13 and up.